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Thumper Performance

What does the Fastest Supercharged MINI in the UK and Team TSW have in common?
They both use a Thumper Head or Head Cam Combo.
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Disclaimer and Myth Buster

Porting and Cams do the same thing in every motor. There’s nothing magical about our MINI Cooper’s. They all give you more power. The issue is how, when and where does that power come from and does it need other hardware or software to make it work?

If you want a detailed understanding of the Thumper philosophy check out and

There’s lot’s of smoke and mirrors in the head and cam business. Please do YOUR independent research and be careful of vendors selling hardware that only they can tune. Click here to see Testimonials

Installing a Crower Nitrostick Cam

BANG for the BUCK mod

For ANY 1st Gen MINI.

Crower’s decades of quality are well known by the thousands that have installed them. Cut and modified by Crower Cams in San Diego CA. Thumper bought his FIRST Camshaft from Crower in 1972 yes he is that old. The NS1 and NS2 are good for 10 plus WHP and even more TQ on bone stock MINI’. Many have shown 18-22 HP and 20+ TQ with a Tune.

The NS Cam is designed for how you drive your MINI MOST of the Time. Most other cams are designed to run and give power at or above 6500 RPM’s. The NS Cam is designed to give power from idle to redline.

Crower NS1 is a mid performance cam great for the daily driver and part time track MINI. Will work on Bone Stock MINI or with your mods. It Will out perform cams costing much more. Just bolt on. No tune or special hardware or software requirements like many other cams.

We need your OLD CAM! NS1 is $300.00 with FREE Shipping in lower 48. Core fee is $50.00. Core fee will be refunded ONLY IF your cam can be used as needed. Please review CART details below when ordering.


NS1, Core or no core?
Your Old Cam will be


Adjusted Cam Gear
The Power Adjustment You Need

Adjusted Cam Gear Set To Your SPEC! 
$250.00 plus core fee of $50.00

Pics Below for review.

A cam gear adjusted to your motor, hardware and driving needs makes power you can use!

Since MINI hides the timing marks on the 1st Gen R50, R52 and R53 motors behind the timing cover and many cams don’t come with the data you need adjust a gear most have just given up on the ACG for MINI. Thumper didn’t give up. He invested time collecting data and testing to offer you adjusted cam gears giving you more power to meet your needs. Using a bench motor he can adjust the gear before shipping for a true bolt on power mod.

We offer the complete setup for R50, R52 and R53 Owners. It will add gains to the OEM camshaft installed, or MORE power to the existing Aftermarket Camshaft installed. When you purchase the TPR Ported Head, Camshaft, and Cam gear. You will receive the combination set up to YOUR Needs. (Street - Aggressive Street- Weekend Track- Full track)

When you purchase the Adjustable Cam Gear, we will ADJUST the degree to spec of your camshaft to obtain even MORE power from your camshaft. That is BOLT on Power! After you place your order we will email you for more details to begin setting up YOUR cam gear. 

I’d like to Thank MattyBaby of NissanEXA forums for the following modified review of ACG’s.

Cam Gear Core Fee


Ported and Polished Heads for ALL MINI Coopers
A Labor of Lust. Lust for more POWER!

Heads are reconditioned to Performance specs listed below one at a time by hand, the hands of Michael Schultz, a MINI Owner. Michael’s porting cylinder heads for over 40 years, and thru this experience He has developed a powerful addition for our MINI's. He treats each head as if it going to be installed on his MINI. Michael is an active member of , a MOTD veteran and retired US Navy.

If you have questions Please email Michael with the following information. Year and model of MINI. List of Mods, current and future, tell him how you plan to use the MINI, your timeline, any questions. Michael works a head to YOUR needs and goals, this is custom work with customers needs our highest priority.

Please choose from the PayPal drop down menus the parts you’d like to order. Once your order is submitted you will be emailed within 24 hours with and for details about your needs. Thanks Dustin and Mike

Thumper Heads

TPR-1 Is a ported Head with stock valves size to maintain the low end when you are OFF the boost or have no Supercharger. Works great on stock MINI and even better with intake, exhaust, CAI and or pulleys. This head is perfect for the spirited drive, or the occasional Track day! Some customer report MPG actually increases after they stop driving WOT.
$1295.00 exchange

TPR-2 Suggested Mods 15-19% pulley, ported intake, CAI, exhaust, camshaft and or ECU tune, we like Mynes Performance. Great power mid to top end Higher flowing larger stainless valves with the under cut stems for even more airflow, titanium Retainers and Valve springs for 7500+ revs. Custom Bronznaium 90 Guides. Custom Steel Locks.
$1695.00 exchange

Not just another BVH, this is custom built to your needs. Your rev limitations, and cam lift! No cookie cutter here! The TPR-2R will take all the boost you can stuff in to this little engine! Deeper port work, aggressive Throat and Bowl contour with smoothing. Custom Bronzanium 90 Guides, Custom Valve Spring components for 7500+ revs. Camshafts with over .500 lift. Larger Stainless valves with the under cut stems and when tied together with the performance valve job with the back cut (more low lift flow). Custom Steel Locks. These heads just flat ROCK!!
Not suggest for the daily driver MINI.
$1895.00 exchange

PROVEN Bolt on ready POWER
FREE Shipping in the Lower 48 States.
See Core Fee info below.

How much Power do You want?

More parts you may need to complete the install of your cam and or head.
NS Performance Spring Kit: $385.00

Race your MINI? Are you pulling the straights at 8000+ rpm? Crossing the end of the quarter mile with 8000 revs or more?
Crower Cams and Nitrostick have come together and designed a Performance "Conical" Valve spring to allow the top end of the engine to stay "together" after pushing it to the limits. Using the "Conical" style spring allows the top of the spring to be smaller, this allows the use of a smaller retainer and removes a lot of inertia weight. Then when matched to the New Custom Titanium retainers, not only will it sustain the 8500 revs, it is easier on the valve train.

The Nitrostick Performance Valve spring KIT is drop in ready!! A single spring with no need to mess with locator's and having to shim to gain correct installed Height and pressures. The Titanium Retainer accept all the multi ring keepers (OEM Type) as well as most single ring, used on custom Valves.


Ported Intake Manifold $275.00

The Interface from the intake manifold to the ported Head is now a restriction. We have seen good HP/TQ numbers by smoothing that transition.
The Ported Intake Manifold in the r50 and the r53 are no longer a small bottle neck in the run for POWER!

 $275.00 exchange

Adjustable Cam Gear:

They have been on the market for years. People buy them and install them.. however is the advantage of an adjustable cam gear used on most of those applications?? NO!! Well, Why??

Here are just a few reasons.. 1) most enthusiast are not able to 'degree the camshaft '. OHC FWD is hard to do in the car when there are NO visible timing marks on the engine like the MINI without removing the timing cover. 2) After they find the Cam Phase ( degree's), then they really have no idea on where to set the camshaft "in" . 3) There are only a few camshafts that actually provide cam profiles ( cam card) to help determine where to set the cam for YOUR application. And with out the Cam Card, the need to 'Degree the camshaft' is paramount.

Why even care?? There has always been more power in any given camshaft, and some Engine Builders use that added power to make their engine stronger than their competition. Thru Computer simulation, experience of actually changing the cam phase during events, or during Street applications. This knowledge isnt secret.... but it can be guarded .

I now offer the complete setup for you R50 and R53 Owners. It will add gains to the OEM camshaft installed, or MORE power to the existing Aftermarket Camshaft installed. When you purchase the TPR Ported Head, Camshaft, and Cam gear.. You will receive the combination set up to YOUR Needs. ( Street - Aggressive Street- Weekend Track- Full track)

When you purchase the ADJUSTABLE Cam Gear, we will degree to spec of your camshaft to obtain even MORE power from your camshaft. That is BOLT on Power!

More parts you may need to complete the install of your cam and or head.
Head gasket $120.00
Complete Gasket set for Head replacement $186.00
ARP Head Studs $195.00

How much MORE Power do You want?

Core fee's can be avoided if you want to ship your parts to use for work. Core fee added are the following :

  • $500.00 Head Cores. Note a head with ANY spark plug hole insert is NOT a core we can use. We will be happy to work with your head just ship it to us.
  • $50.00 Cam. Only OEM cam's will be taken as cores.
  • $75.00 Gear Cores
  • $75.00 OEM Intake. If you have a ALTA intercooler email 1st. We have ONLY have ONE for exchange.

ALL core fees are happily refunded when your good core is received with in the proper time period.


Click here to see testimonials.

Thumper Performance Racing Head Custom built to order email us your specs for pricing.

  • The above PORTED Head is more aggressively worked in the Throat and Bowls
  • Oversize Stainless High flowing Valves with undercut stems are added for increased air flow
  • Valves sizes as large as +1.5 mm.
  • Deeper bowl porting, and roof re-contour for the Higher Flow and RPM potential.
  • Advise us on RPM and Camshaft specs

Plus $500.00 refundable core fee will be added to ALL Heads ordered. Core fee is REFUNDED if core is received in good and useable Condition within 30 Days of delivery of ported head to customer. Some Chambers have shown cracks.  Refund will be declined if cracked.

If you have questions or are Ready to Order? Please email Michael with the following information. Year and model of MINI. List of Mods, current and future, tell him how you plan to use the MINI, your timeline, any questions. Michael works a head to YOUR needs and goals, this is custom work with customers our highest priority.

Thumper HeadsThumper Heads

Thumper Performance Chart
See details regarding the above Dyno

Now the Legal Stuff.

Disclaimer;, Dustin Etheredge, Thumper of Orange Park and Michael Schultz do not in any way guarantee any specific gain of Horse Power with the use of our heads.

We stand behind our work and are proud that 100% Customer's would buy another head from Thumper. However due to the nature of our business and use of products we service, we can only offer the below Workmanship Guarantee. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the use of their vehicle and products and or services purchased comply with federal, state, and local regulations.

30 Day Workmanship Guarantee

  1. PROOF OF PURCHASE - Proof of Purchase is required for any repairs to be covered by this guarantee. The owner of the cylinder head must present the original purchase invoice. The repaired of replaced parts shall be covered by this Workmanship guarantee for 30 days beginning from the day that the head is delivered.
  2. INSTALLATION - Our guarantee only applies if the cylinder head is identical to the original cylinder head, which it replaces, by a qualified mechanic representing the standards and installation procedure shown by approved manuals carefully installs it. The MINI Head goes on one way and ONLY one way.
  3. USE - Our guarantee only covers normal use. Damages to the cylinder head attributable to improper installation, misuse, improper use, alterations, modifications or accident will cause the guarantee to be null and void. There is a break-in guideline that must be followed to the letter to protect YOUR investment.
  4. HEAT LEVEL INDICATOR - A "Heat Level Indicator" is installed on each of our cylinder heads. Should the center part of such indicator melt or be modified following engine overheating, or should it be removed, this guarantee shall become null and void.
  5. PRIOR NOTICE - In case of any defect, please contact us immediately at the number indicated on this website in order to receive the proper instructions PRIOR TO REMOVING THE CYLINDER HEAD. Any repairs done without our prior authorization shall cause this guarantee to be null and void. All claims must be submitted within FOURTEEN (14) Days of the cylinder head failure.
  6. TRANSPORTATION - Following obtaining a "Return Authorization Number", the defective cylinder head and the gaskets shall be forwarded to us with the UPS ARS shipping label provided with the invoice.
  7. EXCLUSIONS - Except to the extent of Prohibited by Applicable Laws, no other warranties whether expressed or implied, including guarantee or warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, shall apply to the purchased cylinder head. Under no circumstances shall, Dustin Etheredge, Thumper of Orange Park and or Michael Schultz be liable for consequential damages sustained, including towing, vehicle rental, hotel accommodations, meals, lost time, damages caused to engine parts other than the cylinder head, etc.


NOW The MINI ( R50 and R52 NON-S) Have a PROVEN Performance Mod!! No Longer do you need to listen to the reply...." buy a MCS!!"

TPR-1 and the Nitrostick NS2 or NS1 camshaft... equals....

"Still breaking things in, so I'm taking it a bit easy for now, but I've gotten on it several times and it's very, very nice. It actually chirps the tires shifting into 2nd at WOT and redline, which it never did before. One of my biggest complaints with the Shrick cam was the peakiness of it - nothing below 4000 RPM's, then all the power from there up and then falling on its face above 6400 RPM. And, a major, major dip in power between 3K and 4K rpms. While Jan's tuning did take some of that out and improve driveability, it couldn't take it all out.

With the current setup (TPR-1 and NS2), the dip between 3-4K RPM's is gone. It keeps pulling all the way to redline - and I think it would keep going, so I'll need to get that bumped up. No more drop off! Part throttle acceleration is crisp - full throttle is greatness. It actually pulls everywhere, even down low, although the fun really starts at 4000...." Team TSW

Dyno coming soon.

Thumper TPR-2 Head with NS2 Cam combo

"Installed the TPR-2 Head Cam combo last week and OMG! The MINI pulls so hard from 1000 RPM to and above Redline. I can SPIN the tires power shifting into 3rd gear WOW! Plus as my daily driver it's totally happy stuck in traffic too. Doesn't load up or kick me for not keeping it at redline. I also down shift less to pass too. Now that I have all my hardware done I'll get an ECU tune and let you know what happens then. 2002 MSC owner GH"

Thumper Performance (TPR-1 just head)

Mileage with heads is BETTER

"The mileage, when I keep my foot out of it has gotten better! The first week I had it I saw about 23mpg, naturally because I was beating on it. However: On the way up to Thumper's, I saw 27.3 mpg from Tampa to Jax. That was with many (5 or 6) 75-120mph passes. On the way back, between Orange Park and Ocala, I saw 28.7mpg (calculated by filling up and dividing the distance) Between Ocala and Tampa, According to the OBC I saw 28.1 That is better than the car was stock."
Posted SSM 12/06

Thumper Ported Head even works UPSIDE Down !!
(Aussie Dynos read extremely low as to the Dynos in the US!)

Hi Mike,
I went to another dyno day and wow it must be the Aussie dynos!!!!!
My car was putting out 140kW (without meth injection), there were other cars there with after market heads and they only managed around the 130kW mark!!!!! With the meth my car is putting out mid-high 140's. One person in particular only put out 133kW and he had spent 3 times as much as me and has a full racing set up!!!!!! So this makes me feel much better! LOL!
Sorry to stress you out!!!!!!!! Your head rocks and all is good!

... few days later...!!

Hi Mike,
I found out what the other heads were at the dyno day and I have included 2 of their dyno graphs, the third guy would not give me a copy because he had the shits! There was a Cosworth stage 2 head, a mini madness stage 2 head and a local job polished and ported with 1.5mm oversized ultric valves. All had shrick cams. My head kicked ass and at half the price! ( Thumper Performance Head TPR-1) Check out the torque curve of mine compared to the 2 others! No wonder mine pulls like a bloody elephant!!!! One very happy Aussie!
Thanks Mate!!!!

... and finally…

Hi Mike,
I thought I would let you know what is happening down under! I got my car tuned by some guys who finally know what they are doing and the car is putting out 163kW (without meth). The guys at the shop think that with larger injectors and the water meth on and running properly that 170kW is possible....(the water/meth jet is too big and I need to get a smaller one but that is another story) WOW!
Here is the dyno graph attatched....

So 163kW equates to about 220hp and this is on an Aussie dyno!!!!!
On one of your American ones it would be putting out a lot more probably more than a RMW head!!!!

Supporting mods will help make more power.

One of the reasons why you see manufactures show a range of power estimates. Look at it this way: Lets say you bolt on one of his heads to a stock motored mini. Lets entertain ourselves and say he picked up 12whp on the dyno. OMG this head must not be that great only 12whp. What you have to understand is that when someone like Thumper says his product will make 18-30hp, its pretty much implied these days that you have the supporting mods to take full advantage. Since this head breathes better, the engine is now being limited in power production because of the exhaust / intake and tuning. So take the same scenario, but the next car has headers, cat back a cold air intake and a 15% pulley. Lets say they pick up 20whp. Now this same head rocks because the person was able to take advantage of the extra flow that a head provided. Lets change it up a bit. Lets say you were in the stock mini that now has the head added. You go out and see the pulley claims a 7-10whp increase. So you add the pulley and dyno again and pick up 15 whp. Wow how did the pulley do so much? It is because the head took advantage of the extra air you were putting in the motor. If I had to do all of this over again, I would have done the head first. Even though its not the cheapest mod, it is one of the best for the money. Aside from the pulley or nitrous will you not find a better bang for the buck for this car. The bottom line is that the head will make the most of any mods that you do. If you start with that, you will see much higher gains for each mod you do since those mods will likely work better with the better head.

2004 MINI Cooper "S"

Here are the results of Ported Thumper Performance Head on my 04 Mod'd MINI. Quarter mile time dropped from 15.4 et's @ 93 mph to a 14.9 @ 96 mph. Of course the 60 fts were as usual.. bad!! (edit: Wheel HP went from 187 WHP to over 211 WHP ( 240+ BHP !) see Dyno run. ) Thanks Thumper.

Thumper performance head installed - Wow!

Yesterday I had a new head installed on my 06 Cooper S, and the shrick swapped over to it. The car is freaking unleashed! The seat of the pants dyno says that this thing is unreal. Prior to getting the head done my best pull was 196.4whp/173tq with the following mods: JCW injectors/ecu software, shrick cam, megan header, milltek exhaust, Random Tech cat, Alta CAI, IC, 17%, 0% lw crank pulley. Next weekend I plan on getting it dynod at my usual dyno just to see what kinda numbers it is putting down. I can happily/sadly say traction is an issue in first gear! ( Those results were 225WHP )
Post on NAM 12/06

All I can say is that the car is unbelievable now.

I already had the laundry list of mods and just wanted to be above the 200whp net. I definitely think I have surpassed this, but we will see next weekend. 2nd gear has crazy pull now, and 5th and 6th on the interstate will get you around just about anything. I cant wait till the next track event to see how the low end jump helps pull out of the corners in 2nd!!!
Posted SSM 12/06

Some Info on the TPR-2 Ported Head.

TPR-2 VS a RMW Head ...... The TPR-2 head with 15% pulley, Janspeed manifold, JCW CAI,stock cat back and newman cam - generated the same hp/trq curve as : RMW head Janspeed JCW CAI 15% stock cat back newman cam combo.

***** Independant Dyno run in the UK, by an independant Shop (1320 Auto )


Independent dyno UK 05/11/09
"just letting you know, your head made 276bhp with a 17% pulley with ambient temps of 22c. don't have all the figures. i've asked them to see the difference with a 15% pulley, may get more power at the top end and still have pretty good torque.
one of the dyno runs made 287bhp but was never reproduced due to temperatures going too high. { This is more again than the results posted against the BVH shown on graph}

Thumper Heads

About the Attachment...

"As some of you aware Mike sent us a head to do some testing and see what we can get out of it in the way of performance on the dyno and on the track. As you can see from the dyno sheet comparing the RMW head and tune on Big Shows car and the Thumper head and a Chris tune on 1320's Mini. We still need to do some more testing off combos as and when we can but we have achieved the following so far." (Note: these numbers were with a bad ECU!)

******This car has gone 11.70's on a 80 shot of Nitrous

UPDATE: Car Has NOW Gone 11.16 @ 123.10 MPH and is the Fastest "Super Street" MINI in the United Kingdom

As you can see.. the power is right were we want it.. " the Sweet Spot" HP- 2500 to 7100 revs/ Torque- 2100-6800 revs


I'd like to Thank MattyBaby of NissanEXA forums for the following modified review of ACG's.

On a SOHC engine, an adjustable cam gear will allow you to move the power curve to a specific area in the rpm band. Typically to improve bottom end power advancing a SOHC engine will do the trick and the converse is true to enhance top end power.

Basically, the job of the camshaft is to open and close the intake and exhaust valves at the "proper time" relative to engine position (piston travel) - to charge the combustion chamber and expel burnt gasses.

However, once you've bolted on performance parts, milled the head or installed a lumpy performance cam, you also alter the optimum cam timing that most sport compacts prefer. What can you do?

By changing the cam timing (retard, advance/overlap), we tune the overall drivability and performance aspect of the car. Even stock engines can benefit by dialing-in cam timing. These are typical variances in production tolerances that when fine-tuned to your particular engine set-up will easily produce added power.

Many factory cams operate on the conservative side of performance due to emissions and drivability standards, meaning there's always more power to be gained by learning how-to adjust the intake and exhaust valve timing.

Just as aftermarket engine management systems manage precise ignition timing, adjustable cam gears allow you to govern the action of the cam, which controls the timing action of the valves to shift peak power points or to tweak timing overlap within the engine cycle. "Overlap" is the point in the cam's cycle where the intake and exhaust valves are open simultaneously. Here's where critical tuning really optimizes performance because you are producing the most efficient charge of air/fuel in and out of the combustion chamber.

In racing, the ability to dial-in ignition and cam timing for different track conditions can mean the difference between winning and losing a race. Autocross enthusiasts rely on low to mid-range power for tight turns, whereas drag racers need all the power at the top end. This applies to setting up a car for mostly city or highway driving. In either case, adjustable cam gears will optimize the peak power curve so that maximum performance is adjusted to your style of driving.

While the aftermarket is ripe with adjustable cam gears, don't assume that all cam gears are the same. Variations in material, design, anodizing, and other engineering deviations can affect quality.

It's important to note that adjustable cam gears have no direct effect on the duration and lift of the valves, that's the job of the camshaft lobes (profile) as dictated by the cam manufacturer.

For you guys the like math we give you the following,

If the intake valves open at 10 degrees before top dead center (TDC) and close at 190 degrees after TDC, the total duration is 200 degrees. The opening and closing times can be shifted with adjustable cam gears to rotate the cam ahead a little as it spins. For example, if we advance the intake cam 5 degrees then the inlet valves would open 5 degrees earlier. The intake open timing would shift to 15 degrees BTDC and the intake valve would also close earlier by the same 5 degrees. In the example above, the valve timing would be IO at 15 degrees BTDC and IC at 185 degrees ABDC. With SOHC engines the cam timing events for intake and exhaust occur together so intake and exhaust events move the same amount.


To place an order email or use the order buttons!

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