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Bolt On Upgrade Supercharger


Sorry kit doesn’t fit MINI’ with automatic transmissions. Manual transmission only.

You may have seen this beautiful Supercharger at my tent at the 2010 MINI on the Dragon and added it to your wish list. Sprintex's Supercharger replacement for the M45 is proof positive that supercharging small engines for impressive torque really does work. The twin-screw Sprintex S5-210 supercharger is the centrepiece of this O.E.M. style replacement kit. This BOLT ON ready system is a direct replacement for the M45. The only “extra” install is wiring the new water pump which will be easier than the fog lights you installed. The system comes with all necessary installation hardware.

Featuring cooler operating temperatures, cooler discharge temperatures, larger blower displacement upgrade (45ci on the M45 to 57ci. on the Sprintex) and less belt drive power required with the electric water pump all of which makes MORE POWER! How Much More?

We have seen BONE Stock MINI’s make 35-45 more HP and 26 or more TQ with standard pulley. Check out the above dyno test had a 15% overdrive pulley on the car. Standard Mini Cooper S vehicles with no modifications generate 150whp on this dyno. Factor in the DynoJet “15whp-GAP” the system makes a total additional 47whp per the OCD Tuning DynoJet. Notice that Average Boost with standard pulley 14psi with high performance pulley 18psi allowing you to use ALL the OEM parts and not risk damage to over boosting the intake system. You don’t need a ton of Boost to make WHP with a Twin-Screw Blower. Remember HEAT robs Power and the Eaton M45 aka “Heaton” is one of the hottest running blowers on the market.

Features replaceable Davies Craig EWP80 electric water pump with a 4000hr. service life. Giving you years if not decades of service.

No ECU Tuning or retuning is required, However with a Mynes Tune, Thumper Head & Cam we are seeing numbers up to or above 300 HP AT THE WHEEL! Note Sprintex with standard pulley comes with a 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) warranty on parts only.

C.A.R.B. certification is currently pending.

If the Extra cost of the Sprintex is just to much remember we can rebuild your Stock M45 for much less than a MINI Dealer replacement. Click Here for more Details about rebuilds.

$2495.00 with FREE shipping in the Lower 48. M45 rebate of $150.00 will be given once we have your M45 in hand. We will email you shipping details.

Do you plan to send your M45?

Amazing install PDF download here;

Ad as seen in MC2

Here's the Kit
Kit comes with;
1. Sprintex® Supercharger
2. Drive Belt Tensioner Assembly
3. Discharge Duct
4. Intake Pipe
5. Water Pump Assembly
6. Water Pump Wiring Loom
7. Ancillary parts
8. Drive belt
9. Tensioner Tool
10. Installation Manual
11. sometimes a hat and stickers too.

Here’s installed pics


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