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AXC offers the full line of products from this fine vendor, DDMWorks. If there is something they have that you want not seen on AXC please email Dustin for special pricing.

R53 Pulleys

Craven 15% or 17% Pulleys $108.95

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Smaller S/C pulley spins faster.
Faster spin increases boost.
More Boost increases acceleration.
Safe for extended Use
CravenSpeed's supercharger pulleys are machined to a specific reduction of the original equipment on your MINI's supercharger. It is widely accepted that these sizes are safe amount of reduction on this particular supercharger. Smooth, form fitting teeth on your pulley take longer to machine but are worth the extra time. Our pulleys will neither eat nor throw your belt. You can be confident your belt will last long, and run quietly. We do recommend using a slightly smaller belt with these reduction pulleys, a NAPA 25060539 or similar.
15 or 17?

If both sizes are safe for the supercharger which one should you choose? The supercharger is only creating boost under acceleration, on a normal or even a spirited drive this is only occasional. However, at the track or an autocross event acceleration is sustained and frequent. If you use your MINI for these types of events it is better to use the 15% reduction. This is because the 17% pulley causes the supercharger to heat more rapidly and the warm air begins to negate the positive effects of the extra PSI earlier in the band.

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Be sure and change the seal behind the crank pulley while you are taking it off and plan on a belt too. Both parts can be found at your local parts store. Seal Part # 11111485171 and the stock belt is 11287520199 Belts for the 15% and 17% pulleys are smaller and we like the NAPA 25060539 or similar. It's really tight but won't slip as fast as the 537 or stock size belts. Never use heat to remove the stock SC pulley. Have a MINI shop do the work or borrow or invest in the right tools, listed below, to save money. Check your local forums for owners with tools and a helping hand.

15% Pulley

15% PulleyInstructions and Kit details:

Included with every kit are installation instructions with lots of pictures to assist you or whoever you might have doing the work. Also we recommend a set of cooler running spark plugs while installing the 15% pulley.  These cooler spark plugs will add another couple horsepower, but more importantly they help prevent pre-detonation that might occur from higher boost temperatures. The spark plugs are inexpensive insurance for your MINI.


No other modification offers the kind of bang for the buck that a 15% pulley does. Simply changing to a 15% smaller pulley on your supercharger instantly produces 3-4 more PSI, pushing more air and fuel into the engine resulting in a typical 15-20HP gain. Make stock MINI’s disappear in your rearview mirror with the extra horsepower and torque your engine will be turning out. For years MINI Cooper S tuners and owners of the JCW MINI’s have known about the 15% pulley, and it has been shown to be the ideal size for street and track. Add a DDM intake or exhaust along with your pulley and you will have even bigger power gains.

Pulley Construction:

A taper bore fit design found in the QD design pulley allows for easy installation with no chance of pulley misalignment found with some other pulleys. Also the DDMWorks pulley is a self-aligning pulley design, which ensures 100% accuracy during pulley installation, ensuring you of no thrown belts from improper installation. Lastly the all stainless steel construction ensures you of a lifetime of corrosion free performance, and the 5 high quality grade 12.9 stainless steel bolts ensure a secure bond between the pulley and hub.

Pulley Weight  (DDMWorks LWP real advantage):

Racers are always looking for places to reduce weight, and especially rotational mass. No other manufacturer took the time to create a light weight stainless steel pulley, so we decided to make our own. Extra effort and time was taken to reduce the weight of the pulley as much as possible without compromising strength. The unique slots CNC milled into the pulley and the careful control of design helped to create the lightest of all stainless pulleys on the market, 20% lighter, in fact, than most other competitor’s pulleys. Some may say that this weight reduction doesn’t matter and is insignificant; however, we say every pound does matter when you are racing. Reduction in rotational mass allows your engine to spin up faster than the other pulleys and also makes it easier to rev match when shifting gears. Small increases in power add up to big increases in power, and that can be the winning difference.

$139.95 + $5.95 Shipping

Lightweight Crank Pulley $139.95
These CravenSpeed pulleys are stock diameter (OEM sized) crank pulleys, utilizing the original belt layout. Since the crank pulley diameter is unchanged, they maintain alternator output at exactly stock output levels so you need not worry about flat batteries or weak charging capabilities. Through extensive weight savings afforded by 6061 aircraft aluminum construction, power gains of up to 10% are available depending on how your MINI is set up. CravenSpeed crank pulleys come fully balanced and counter-weighted, and feature anodizing for superb wear resistance & strength.
Releasing Power
The rule of thumb is that each pound of weight taken off the engines rotating assembly is worth approximately 2.7HP. The concept is that the crank is a parasite; it does not put power to the drive train but still requires the energy produced by the engine to rotate. When you reduce this parasitic weight, you release power that was previously used only for spinning the supercharger and alternator.
Is this crank pulley safe?

The pulleys on the R53's 1.6 and most new smaller engines have an elastomeric (rubber ring) incorporated into the pulley that looks similar to a harmonic damper. The elastomeric in the OEM pulley serves as an isolator, which is there to suppress natural vibration and noise from the engine itself, the A/C compressor, P/S pump, and alternator. The purpose of a traditional harmonic damper is to protect against crank failure from torsional movement. This is not necessary in the MINI or most modern engines because of the many advances in engine design and materials. Factors such as stroke, displacement, inline, V configurations, power output, etc., do determine when and how these harmonics and torsional movements occur. Also note it’s not a keyed shaft and if the harmonic damper really needed it would be keyed. You don’t need the BWM MINI Tool, just a standard pulley removal kit works fine.

139.95 stock or +2%

Supercharger Pulley Removal Tool $69.95

Quick and Easy
This cost-effective pulley puller will help you get your new MINI supercharger pulley on faster. With our tool, you will be able to remove the stock press fit pulley safely, without removing the tensioner. Time is money and this puller will save you both.
Tough as Nails
The puller body is made of heat treated carbon steel and has a tooth profile to match the OEM pulley exactly. The center screw is grade 8 quality. 
Having a pulley party? Our puller will not bend during normal use, and will last for many pulls.



This MINI Factory Belt Tensioner Tool will make the job of replacing your drive belt much safer and faster, and will save time and effort while installing Performance Pulley upgrade. $139.95 Plus $15.05 S&H

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