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If you own a 1st gen MINI Cooper you will need to deal with power steering issues at least once.

Here are a few tips that will help you address the issues and save money.

If you are under 75,000 miles using products from BG will give you a helping hand when you follow the BG Protection Plan
 program of fluid services.

I'm a big fan of BG products knowing 1st hand they work and stand behind them, Paying when needed and rules are met.

Find a BG shop near you and start getting ALL the fluids in all your cars under 75K on the BG program it will save you parts and cash down the road.

If you are over 75K here are a few tips to help you too.

PS Pump Cooling Fan

Who thought putting an unprotected electric fan near the road was a good idea?

That fan will die. Always check that it's not frozen whenever you are under the car. If it is check out this fan Part # 30103018 it's the right fan and while you will need to splice the wiring it will save you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your MINI since they seem to die every year. I always have a new one on hand since it's the biggest killer of the pump.

Speaking of THAT #$%@!%$ PUMP!

Check out

They have been taking care of MINI owners for years online and eBay. They will also do an exchange if they have units in stock with a core fee. Very good customer service.

Rack Rack Baby!

Should you need a Steering Rack I encourage you to buy the best one you can find that fits within your budget and replace the tie rods at the same time with alignment.

I hope my hard learned lesson help you save time and money.

Related OEM part #'s 32106770661 32416769963 32416778425 32416774702 32416777632 32416781742 32106770661 32416778425 32416781743 32106777524 32416778425 32416857718


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