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Ireland Engineering Motorsports

AXC offers the full line of products from this fine vendor, Ireland Engineering Motorsports. If there is something they have that you want not seen on AXC please email Dustin for special pricing.

Many of the fine IE products are built to order, please allow 7-10 days before products are shipped.

IE Suspension

Fixed -1.25 Camber Plates for all MINI Coopers

Fixed Camber Plates

These add approximately 1.25 degrees of negative camber to the front suspension. The stock Mini has very little front camber. This additional camber really improves handling without significantly affecting tire wear. These plates include new heavy duty upper strut bearings. They do not require drilling any holes and your strut brace will still fit. Will not raise the ride of your MINI. Bolt right in for DIY.

Note: may not fit early (before 04/2002) chassis the best way to know is look at the OEM tops and if you see a bearing like in the pic above they will work. No OEM bearing, no fit with the OEM strut system.

Type of MINI
IE Fixed Camber Plates
$180.00 + $18.00 Shipping

For eLayway, AXC will email you for Type and Year of MINI within 48 hrs.

Is now replaced by the following

NEW V.2 QUITE Rear 22mm Sway Bar for R50, 52, 53, 55, 56, 57 MINI Cooper's.

IE updated the rear bar and silenced it at the same time. The bar itself is made from 22mm hollow 4130 DOM Steel Tubing and weighs 5lbs. The tubing is a much higher price per foot than any comparable bar stock, but by choosing the hollow bar we reach what we believe to be the optimal stiffness. This bar is approximately 80% stiffer than the 17mm stock bar, and 30% stiffer than 19mm bars.

Works with stock and aftermarket end links. If you want adjustable end links check out (JUMP TO) to Best Value you'll find on adjustable sway-bar links. for 2002-11 Mini Cooper -

Note: We feel MINI's do not need stiffer front bars. Camber plates, also found below and (link to above axe-ne page) work better in front than a stiffer bar in front.

Kit includes:
Hollow bar with 3 adjustable positions
Heavy duty urethane bushings (with silicone grease)
2 piece collar clamps (to limit the lateral movement of the bar if needed).

Great Bar at an even better price of only $175.00

S&H is flat rate in lower 48 $20.00

Installing camber plates require an alignment and it's also a great time to add a set of Rear Adjustable Control Arms to bring the rear alignment and cross toe settings to spec for longer tire life and higher corner performance. While camber plates will address the major cause of tower mushrooming it's also a good time to install a set of Craven STD's.

See Dustin's Alignment Info

R50, R52, R53 & R56 Mini Cooper Adjustable Street & Track Camber Plates

Camber Plates Camber Plates

New Product - Adjustable camber plates for the Mini Cooper. These allow well over 3 degrees of negative camber for the front suspension. These plates have spherical bearings encased in urethane to offer some cushioning. The bearings are replaceable unlike other similar brands. These are for dual purpose car that are street driven but are also used for track days and autocross. You can add negative camber for the track and adjust it back for street driving. They do not require drilling any holes and your strut brace will still fit. The bearings are easily replaced. Ride height will be approximately same as with the factory bearing. These will work with factory type springs or 2.5" ID springs and adjustable coil over systems like the Bilstein PSS9. Factory diameter springs will not allow full camber adjustment as they will contact the inner fender at around 2 degrees camber. Priced per pair.

Note: Based on customer input and testing we have made a design change that will allow 3 degrees of camber before the bolts contact the strut tower sheet metal.

Note: These plates do not work with the Tein adjustable SS+ front shocks.

Note: These plates do not fit early chassis (before 04/2002) due to the upper strut bearing being different.


What year is your MINI?
IE Street Adjustable Camber Plate
$275.00 + $18.00 Shipping

AXC will email you for Type and Year of MINI within 48 hrs.


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