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Manzo Tritec Stainless Steel Header, Offered by Megan Racing

Megan Racing Header


Manzo Tritec Stainless Steel Header, aka M2, built header specifically for R50, R52 and R53 MINI Cooper and Cooper S. While this is one of the most economical headers on the market it sure looks, performs and feels like headers that cost 3 to 4 times as much.

It replaces the stock header but does NOT have a functioning catalytic converter. What it has a removable pipe that can either be used as is or a working catalytic converter can be welded in to keep your car from throwing codes. Down pipe has two ports for O2 sensors (pre cat and post cat). For use on off road applications only. Headers may increase the sound tone and volume of your MINI. While I am not a fan of headers when you need or want one this is a nice unit. Note very few if any headers give you bolt on power and really need an ECU Tune to see real power gains. IMHO

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Can you find this many exhaust systems on any other site?
Megan - DDMWorks – Ireland – Magnaflow

Megan Catback for NON-S MINI Cooper 2002 to 2006 Coupe and 2004 to 2008 Cabrios

ExhaustThe Mini Cooper has an extremely long heritage in racing. From it s begginings, the car was always a small, quick and nimble automobile that was extremely fun to drive. It was not very powerful, but it had amazing handling. In 2002, BMW took over the production of the Mini Cooper; redesigning the Mini Cooper, which had gone untouched for so many years, was not an easy task, but BMW managed to bring the compact car to modern appeal.

When BMW started to produce the Mini Cooper, they incorporated their own long line of racing heritage and racing technology in the project to come up with the Mini Cooper that you see today. With it s Bulldog-Like stance, light weight, and low center of gravity the Mini Cooper was designed to handle.

The Mini Cooper came with two models, each with two trims; the Cooper and the Cooper S. The Cooper S is the sportier model with the 1.6L Supercharged motor, the available 6-Speed Getrag transmission and the sportier suspension which was also available on the base-model Cooper.

The Mini Cooper, however, wasn't a boring car at all. It was still quick with it's 1.6L Naturally-Aspirated motor and Close-Ratio 5-Speed Transmission; it's light chassis still was wide and maintained a low center of gravity to give it amazing handling capabilities. There was nothing "base" about the base-model at all... the potential is still there, it was simply a matter of driver prefrence.

Megan Racing realizes this fact and continues to develop products for both the Cooper and the Cooper S. The exhaust system developed by BMW for the redesigned Mini was pretty sporty, with it s mellow tone and nice "burble" upon throttle-letoff. But being manufactured by BMW now, the conservative hand does come into play. Megan Racing had already developed a system for the Cooper S and with the voice of the Mini Cooper community has developed a Cat-Back exhaust system for the Mini Cooper as well.

With it's 2.25" piping, sleek Oval-Cansister and 3" Slash-Cut tip all developed within the desires of the NorthAmericanMotoring community, this exhaust has a nice low and deep tone. With very little interior resonance, this exhaust maintains the elegance of the BMW while on the outside it makes itself known as the sporty car that it truly is.

Go ahead, hear this bad boy! You know you want to!


- T-304 Stainless Steel Construction
- Smooth Mandrel Bends
- Sleek Oval-Canister retains Factory-Type appearance and elegance.
- Low Interior resonance.
- Deep-Mellow Tone w/ Aggressive Wide-Open Throttle.
- 3" Slash-Cut Tip.
- 1-Year Warranty against defects.

MR Cooper Cat Back Exhaust
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Megan Catback for MINI Cooper S 2002 to 2006 Coupe and 2004 to 2008 Cabrios

ExhaustThe Mini Cooper S was designed with the Track in mind. It s Bulldog-Like stance that s low and wide matched with the location of the wheels as far out on the chassis as possible make for incredible handling. The 1.6L Supercharged 4-Cylinder motor pulls through the race track with exceptional throttle-response and low-end torque. Weighing in at around 2,600lbs. the "S" was designed with the Performance-Minded Track Driver in mind.

The exhaust system was no exception, with it s mellow tone and nice "burble" upon throttle-let off. But being manufactured by BMW now, the conservative hand does come into play.

For those who demand the most from their MCS s, Megan Racing has developed an OE-Style Cat-Back system that incorporates a Split-Dual Exhaust system that increases the performance of your MCS every step of the way.

From the moment you open up the box, you'll notice the fine craftsmanship of the T-304 Stainless Steel exhaust. The clean welds and polished finish truly offer a Show-Car Piece that can be seen from the rear of the vehicle just slightly, offering a tell-tale sign to the performance within.

The lightweight yet durable T-304 construction weighs in at 38.2lbs which gives you a 9.3Lb weight savings from the bulky OEM system which weighs in at 47.5lbs and is full of large bends and two large mufflers.

After installation, the exhaust note is a nice mellow tone with mild interior resonance. Get on the throttle and you'll find a nice aggressive yet smooth tone all the way through the powerband without any "rasp" commonly associated with import exhaust systems. Let off the throttle and that familiar "burble" is more pronounced, letting those around you know that there s more than meets the eye to your Pint-Sized Curve Killer.

Dyno charts prove a performance gain in both Horsepower and Torque throughout the ENTIRE powerband with gains peaking at 6.1whp and 8Ft-Lbs. at the wheels.

- Dual 2.9" tips
- 2.5" piping.
- 6.1Whp & 8Ft-Lbs. gain across the powerband.
- Direct bolt-on application

MR S Cat Back Exhaust
$599.95 + 60.00 Shipping


The DDMWorks R56S BOLT ON Catback System.


DDM Works R56S Bolt On Exhaust

The DDMWorks Race Exhaust is a true bolt on exhaust, made from high quality materials with great looks and function. The exhaust mounts to your MINI using all of the factory mounting points under the car and does not require you to cut or weld your stock factory exhaust, allowing you to return to stock anytime, if needed. The key to making the system a true bolt on is the special front transition piece that we designed, that adapts from the stock turbo downpipe to the 3” Race Exhaust insuring an easy installation. We could have chosen to go with less expensive and lower quality 409 stainless steel for the system to save some cost on the system, but instead we chose only the best materials to manufacture the system out of and that meant a full 304 stainless steel system ensuring an exhaust that will last you a lifetime. At the back of the system is the fully polished exhaust canister itself, which is finished off with 2 hand built dual wall stainless tips built by craftsmen who have been building exhausts for years. Removing the factory exhaust and replacing it with the DDMWorks Race Exhaust, provides you with faster turbo spool and a big power increase of 15 Horsepower and 15 ft/lbs of torque measured at the wheels on your R56. Although this system is not for the faint of heart, as the straight through system provides a deeper exhaust note and also an increase in volume, it is something that can be easily used on a street car. Another benefit of the Race exhaust is the removal of the restrictive secondary catalytic converter found in the stock system. Removing this secondary cat allows a much higher flowing system providing more power for your MINI at the wheels. For those that may want to have the secondary cat, we can do that also, and offer a high flow secondary catalytic converter as an $200.00 option. This is the same exhaust that we have been using on our daily driven R56 MINI for thousands of miles and is the best performing aftermarket exhaust for the R56 available!

Kit Details:

  • Full 394 stainless steel system
  • Fully polished exhaust canister
  • True bolt on kit
  • 15 HP increase
  • 15 ft/lbs of torque measured at the wheels
  • Removes secondary catalytic converter
  • High flow secondary cat is offered

INSTRUCTIONS: instructions available with kit

Do you need the 2nd Cat?
Price: $849.00, With 2nd Cat $1049.00
Shipping $35.00


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