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AXC offers the full line of products from this fine vendor, DDMWorks. If there is something they have that you want not seen on AXC please email Dustin for special pricing.

Supercharged Cooper

DDMWorks Mini Cooper S Cold Air Intake

Cold Air IntakePower and efficiency are achieved by removing bottlenecks and inefficiencies. This is true for any system, and your S is no different. As a DDM Works original design, our intake strives to provide the most power through the highest efficiency of any intake on the market.



DDM S Cold Air Intake
$249.00 + $15.95

Intercooler Diverter for Mini Cooper S 2002-2006

Black Intercooler Diverter Silver Intercooler Diverter Intercooloer Diverter


DDM Intercooler Diverter
$144.95 + $5.95 Shipping


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