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Craven Speed

AXC offers the full line of products from this fine vendor, Craven Speed. If there is something they have that you want not seen on AXC please email Dustin for special pricing.

UTI Plates to Protect the MINI from Mushrooming

UTI Plates

The newest and least expensive solution to the MINI mushrooming epidemic. This 1/8 inch thick milled steel plate that can be mounted with the strut dropped but not completely removed. Plated to protect from weathering.
The plates have a milled finish. That means they have scratches on the surface from the manufacturing process, the plating does not hide these, please realize that the plates will not be visible after install. Not making them "Blingy" saves YOU CASH!


Craven UTI Plates for R53/52/50
$74.95 + $12.00 Shipping


To place an order email or use the order buttons!

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