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BRISK Plugs & IE Wires

BRISK Spark Plugs are the ONLY Plugs AutoXCooper sells for a reason, they are the BEST! The DR14 is a great plug for the bone stock R53 or R50. The DR12’s are a must for R53, 52, and 50’s with any motor mods on a budget. The best bang for your buck is the Power Making DOR14LGS-T works great on mild to wild mods on R50, 52 and 53 Cooper’s. R56S owners will find the MR12YS work best for stock and modded Cooper’s. Details about each are below.

The Brisk Spark Plug is the only plug we use in our local street and track cars. They make more power, more torque and last longer than any of the other plugs we have tried. We have the dyno sheets to back it up.

Brisk Premium LGS spark plug has been developed after two-year cooperation with Lamborghini Morori Marini. This spark plug utilizes extremely long glide-spark and massive integrated side electrode. Massive integrated side electrode ensures superior heat removal from active part of the spark plug even in the most extreme conditions, therefore eliminating electrode burn off seen on conventional spark plugs in race applications. Extremely long glide spark (almost 3mm) protrudes deep into combustion chamber, carries more potential charge and is unshielded by the conventional side ground electrode. The air/fuel mixture is ignited more spontaneously allowing the flame front spread to be unrestricted and more uniform.

BRISK Premium DOR14LGS-T Spark Plug, 14mm thread, 3/4"(19mm) reach, 5/8'(16mm) hex, gasket seat, resistor, LGS Lamborghini semi-surface firing tip design, retracted integrated ground electrodes, silver center electrode, REDUCED electrode distance (gap). This spark plug is designed with reduced electrode distance for forced induction applications. Brisk 14 heat range is equivalent to NGK 7 heat range.

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BRISK DR 12 and 14 Silver Racing Spark Plugs

DR12’s and 14’s in pic above NEED to be gapped to .030


Prevent detonation and improve performance!

ALTA performance is finally offering what customers are asking for! Spark plugs! High performance spark plugs go hand and hand with high performance cars, and we can now satisfy the customer’s needs!

When searching for the ultimate spark plugs we looked to an industry leader Brisk! Brisk offers many types of spark plugs ranging from copper to Silver electrode. Most people are familiar with the Iridium, or platinum electrode spark plugs, but Brisk specializes in something no one else offers, Silver Electrodes!

Silver is the best thermal (heat) conductor of all metals

  • Allows for a wide spark plug heat range
  • Excellent heat dissipation under max power
  • Excellent resistance to fouling under light load operation

Silver is the best electrical conductor of all metals

  • Most free electrons
  • Best power delivery
  • Most powerful spark
Properties of Materials
Thermal Conductivity W/(m*K)
Electrical Conductivity MS/m


  • 1.5 mm Silver Fine Wire Center Electrode
  • Reduces stress and wear on your coil and other ignition components
  • Fires properly even if partially fouled, where standard plugs will fail

Excellent for:

  • Standard and High compression engines
  • Forced induction applications
  • Nitrous applications
  • Methanol/ethanol injection
  • LPG
  • Any hard to ignite type of fuel applications
  • High RPM race engines where a short time for the ignition coil saturation is
  • Beneficial even for old vehicles with a weak ignition systems and/or excessive oil consumption

Tapered or Cut-Back Ground Electrode:

  • Provides sharp edges for easy spark discharge
  • Excellent spark exposure to the air/fuel mixture
  • Faster flame front propagation in the initial stages of ignition due to reduced ground electrode obstruction

High dielectric strength:

  • Fine wire center electrode (not just tip) increases the thickness of insulator between the center electrode and the spark plug shell for higher mechanical and dielectric strength.

BRISK SILVER RACING SPARK PLUG Low Required Supplied Ignition Voltage - is achieved by utilization of optimized diameter Silver enter electrode, along with tapered ground electrode. Silver is the best thermal and electrical conductor of all metals and provides far superior electron flow for best possible spark plug spark delivery. This spark plug feature is beneficial in forced induction applications, or applications where the ignition system is pushed to the limit in modified power applications and applications with hard to ignite fuels such as alcohol, LPG, Nitro methane and other. Brisk Silver Plug Lower Required Supplied Ignition Voltage is also beneficial for easier cold starts and operation under partially fouled spark plug condition caused by A/F management problems, oil consumption and other. Small diameter of the spark plug center electrode allows for thicker ceramic insulator walls and increased distance between the spark plug center electrode and spark plug shell walls. Increased spark plug center el. to spark plug shell distance, and spark plug special thick design insulator provides exceptional spark plug dielectric strength, and keeps the spark plug from dielectric breakdown in the most extreme working environments.

For R50 Cooper’s and R53 Cooper Supercharges with stock Pulley use DR14S

For R53 Cooper S Model’s w/15% or larger Supercharger Pulley Upgrade (or JCW Cars) use DR12S

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8mm Performance Spark Plug Wire Set for R53/52/50

You can pay more for plug wires but why? These 8mm high performance spark plug wire sets work great and have never failed our customers. Great for changing out the old stock wires or running with mods too. These are custom made for the Mini not adapted from another car. You can't see it in the picture but each wire is numbered. These are the highest quality and use Behru components. Blue is our standard color. Also available in red, black, and purple for $4.00 more.


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