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Alta MINI Performance

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Alta MINI Performance

Suspension Page

Rear Sway Bar 19MM and 22MM Solid 3 Way Adjustable

Alta Rear Sway Bar

Look under your MINI Cooper. Go ahead, we’ll wait…. See that little sway bar down there? Replace it with an ALTA Performance sway bar and we promise better cornering, reduced  body roll and greater control over your suspension. ALTA Performance™ Sway Bars are bigger in diameter and come with multiple end-link attachments, giving you more possible configurations than any other swaybar.

An important step to making your car turn better comes from replacement of the rear sway bar. By increasing the diameter and leverage, more cornering force is applied to the outside wheels. Thus forcing the car to "turn-in" better. Additionally reducing sway also increases the contact patch of the rear tires.

The Alta Performance™ rear sway bar goes one step further than simply making the bar bigger. Although size is increased, Alta has added the flexibility of changing the bars leverage with 3 different end link attachment points.  This allows the end user to custom tailor the way his or her car handles.

The street enthusiast will enjoy a 19mm upgrade to improve cornering in ordinary driving conditions, others thinking of something a little more extreme, should look at the 22mm.

Pick up the MINI Cooper TSW End Links to take full advantage of your sway bar and corner balance your MINI.

MINI Cooper Alta Rear Sway Bar Installation Instructions


19mm or 22mm for My MINI
Alta Rear Sway Bar
Shipping $18.00

The ALTA performance Mini Cooper and Cooper S rear sway bar is a great upgrade for your Mini. With the adjustability of our bar, and the sizes we offer them in, anyone can find the perfect match for their driving style. Below you will find a comparison of our swaybars vs. the OEM part. Both 19mm and 22mm calculations are below. Please note all bars are made from 4140 Solid Steel, for maximum performance and lifetime durability.

Both 19mm and 22mm ALTA swaybars have 3 endlink settings per side. This allows for 6 possible setting combinations! Other possible settings may be had by combining different endlink connection settings from left and right endlinks. Below we have given the 3 main settings for each bar.

Calculations made based on bar material being constant.

Swaybar % increase based on diameter alone
Stock Diameter New Diameter % Increase

Swaybar % increase based on diameter and setting
Bar and Setting
Effective Rate
% Increase Over Stock
117 LBS/IN
135 LBS/IN
165 LBS/IN
208 LBS/IN
250 LBS/IN
305 LBS/IN
386 LBS/IN

Positive Steering Response System



Increase steering response while braking and accelerating with the ALTA Performance™ PSRS.

ALTA has always been the innovator when it comes to late model MINI performance. The product you see here is a perfect example of that!

The MINI has very minimal adjustments to the front suspension, toe in or out only. ALTA has seen tremendous benefits from changing the levels of caster in the front. This increase in caster allows sharper more precise response from steering input. Decreases understeer and improves overall feel.

Also, the OEM lower control arm bushings supplied from MINI are a very gooey like rubber compound. While great to reduce road noise, they are miserable at improving handling. As a result even the most minor of imperfections in the road surface can cause the car to dart around. The ALTA PSRS uses a firm bearing material that prevents this. This inspires confidence in all driving conditions, and again adds positive steering response.

What is the PSRS?

Positive Steering Response System is what it stands for. The PSRS replaces the front control arm rear bushing. This OEM bushing is designed to be extra compliant to reduce NVH, and make the ride more comfortable. The compliancy of this bushing is not something a performance oriented driver is looking for.

OEM Bushings Installed

Under braking, this OEM bushing has enough flex in it to cause the wheel to move back and forth .500"! This deflection of the wheel causes drastic toe in and toe out changes under braking. These toe changes will cause steering input changes, cause the tires contact patch to change, and even wandering.

When accelerating, this OEM bushing causes unwanted wheel hop, and again toe in and toe out changes. During acceleration, the car will want to follow the ruts in the road, as the bushing flexes back and forth. This is one of the most noticeable changes

PSRS Installed

Under braking after the ALTA PSRS is installed, the wheel will not move front to back period! Since there is no way for toe changes to occur, the steering feedback issues and wandering under braking all go away!

Under acceleration after the ALTA PSRS in installed, wheel hop disappears and the car will have far less tendency to follow the ruts in the road. In turn, the car will have more front end traction.

Adds Caster

Besides removing all the unwanted flex of the OEM bushing, our PSRS has an offset to where the bushing is mounted. This allows the installer to add 0-1.5 degrees of caster to the front suspension. Caster is the angle at which the steering knuckle rotates on. Adding caster makes the car turn in faster by providing a larger contact patch as the wheels turn on the steering axis. Think of it like camber for your steering!

Anti-lift feature

One of the byproducts with how we add caster is the ability to add some Anti-lift to the front end. Depending on how much caster is being added, some Anti-lift can be added to the car. This reduces the amount of front end lift during acceleration. The benefit to Anti-Lift is it keeps the balance of the car in check. During hard acceleration, Soft springs, and shocks makes the cars weight shift to the back. This in turn removes weight from the front that keeps the tires planted to the ground. Which is a very important thing when you have all that power going to the front wheels!

Let us do some of the hard work for you.

MINI Cooper Alta Positive Steering Response System Installation Guide


Alta PSRS $214.99
Shipping $15.00


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